4D seismic

4D Seismic Consulting & Services Maximize the Value of Information of your 4D seismic data

  • Strategic consulting
  • Training
  • Feasibility
  • Qualitative and quantitative interpretation
  • 4D history matching
  • North Sea technology and experience transfer
  • Joint R&D

Locate-the-Remaining-Oil (LTRO) Reservoir Modeling Build high-accuracy, high-trueness reservoir model

  • 3D and 4D Closed-loop™
  • Big-loop solution
  • Bayesian SGS™ seismic reservoir modelling
thin resservoi

Production optimization in Thin Inter-bedded reservoir Unlock the potential of thin inter-bedded reservoir

  • AI for direct reservoir property estimation
  • Machine learning for pattern recognization & clustering
  • Bayesian SGS™ seismic reservoir modelling

Mission Statement

iRes-Geo Technology is a multinational technology innovation company, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, and active in many oil and gas production regions. iRes-Geo is engaged in aspects of the oil and gas explorations and production, providing the client with exclusive world-class solutions in remaining oil detection, geophysical 4D reservoir monitoring and geophysical quantitative interpretation.

The company’s mission is to help the global oil and gas players to enhance their organizational capability and technology efficiency at the challenging business environment. We add value to the client’s performance by accurately locating the remaining oil in the complex subsurface. We are also the champion of technology innovation, campaigning for the next-generation standard of subsurface data integration for geomodelling and big data digital field management.

As of 2015, iRes-Geo has been selected by Scottish Enterprise as a key account managed company upon its establishment. In 2016 and 2017, iRes-Geo has officially become the technology vendor for some major operators and new asset buyers in the North Sea area.

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