Management Team

Yi Huang

Yi, previously working for Statoil, has 10+ years experience in the industry. He has extensive technical and management experience in 4D permanent reservoir monitoring. His contribution was recognized by the industry and awarded the 2012 EAGE Arie Van Weeldene Prize.  

Colin MacBeth

Colin is Professor of Reservoir Geophysics at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University. He brings 18 years experience in quantitative 4D seismic analysis, and 28 years interacting with industry across a number of disciplines. He has worked on a wide range of industry consultancies and datasets for reservoir characterization.

Sean Tian

Sean is a reservoir geophysicist previously with Chevron, implementing the 4D QI workflows. He is specialized in integrated 3D/4D characterization/inversion, model validation and updating. 

Allyson Gajraj

Allyson is the VP of Sunrise Petroleum and iRes-Geo Technology. He has 20+ years of experience in the industry. Previously working for Schlumberger DCS and BP, He is a seasoned reservoir engineer with extensive knowledge of reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation. 

Heikki Jutila

Heikki – iRes-Geo’s Senior Reservoir Engineering Advisor who is an experienced Petroleum/Reservoir Engineer with over 35 years of international experience in the Middle East, North Africa, UKCS, FSU and North America. His expertise includes reservoir simulation using Assisted History Matching tools (EnABLE) and most commercial simulators (Eclipse, VIP, CMG products, TempestMORE &c). He is also fluent in classical reservoir engineering.

Hamed Amini

Hamed is a 10+ years specialist in developing 4D QI tools. He is the industry leader in seismic modelling and interpretation; closing the loop between the reservoir model and 3D/4D seismic data, simulator to seismic modelling (sim2seis) and seismic to simulator modelling (seis2sim) approaches; finite-difference elastic seismic modelling; petro-elastic modelling.

Jim Farrington

Senior Geophysical Advisor

Senior Geophysical Advisor

Jim was a previously a geophysicist and geologist with Chevron with 20+ years of industry experience in oil and gas. He had extensive knowledge of the use of potential field, 2D, 3D, OBN and 4D seismic, seismic attributes and inversion products..

Raffik Lazar

Senior Geomodelling Advisor

Senior Geomodelling Advisor

Raffik is a senior development geologist and reservoir modeller with 15+ years’ experience in the industry. He was with Shell and Schlumberger as geomodelling expert with expertise in  carbonate reservoir characterisation and development. 

Frank Chen

General Manager - China Project Center

General Manager - China Project Center

Frank – is a seasoned geophysicist with 22 years experience in the industry. He work previously in various technical management and adviser positions at Schlumberger, Fugro-Jason and CGG. 

ZhiLiang Ming

Chief Engineer - China Project Center

Chief Engineer - China Project Center

ZhiLiang – is a specialist in geology, rock physics and geophysics. He has 25+ years experience in the industry. He worked as Geophysics Director in Fugro-Jason Asia for 10 years, Project Manager in GNT international for 6 years, and PetroChina for 9 years. He is specialised in seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation, reservoir characterization and integrated workflows. 

China Project Center

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