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IRes-Geo Technology is a multinational technology innovation company, headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, and active in many oil and gas production regions.

Found in Heriot-Watt University campus in 2015, iRes-Geo has become a widely used 4D consulting firms for performing specialised 4D seismic studies.

Today, iRes-Geo is engaged in aspects of the oil and gas explorations and production, providing the client with exclusive world-class solutions in geomodeling, reservoir simulation and quantitative geophysical interpretation.

The company’s mission is to help the global oil and gas players to enhance their organizational capability and technology efficiency in the challenging business environment.

The company adds value to the client’s performance by laser focusing on solving the industry’s pain points in the era of low oil price. iRes-Geo provides not only high-tech solutions but also cost-effective project capacity.

Together with its global partners, the firm’s project team has 42 petroleum engineers, geoscientists and reservoirs. The company’s proprietary software matches the mainstream industry software in terms of geomodeling, geophysics and reservoir engineering functionalities.

iRes-Geo’s approach helps its clients achieve a cost reduction of up to 50% in subsurface projects and allow them to achieve much more with the same budget.

As of 2015, iRes-Geo has been selected by Scottish Enterprise as a key account managed company upon its establishment. Since 2016, iRes-Geo has officially become the technology vendor for some major operators and new asset buyers in the North Sea area.

In 2019, the company started to offer a complete range of geoscience and engineering services. For more information, please visit the services page.

Disciplinary Distribution of iRes-Geo Project Team

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The Silver Fin Building, 455 Union Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, AB11 6DB

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