Industry Challenges In Geomodelling of Mature Fields

In the ‘lower-for-longer’ market environment, the key for E&P companies to survive is the ability to accurately delineate the remaining oil distribution.Fundamentally, this is a challenging task due to complex geology and field production history. To successfully overcome this challenge, the industry needs new technologies that promote the integration of multidisciplinary field data in a seamless, fast and efficient way.

Conventional well-driven and seismic-driven reservoir modelling technologies weld multidisciplinary information in multiple steps, which is slow, segregated and prone to error.

Well Data Driven
Seismic Data Driven

Uniquely, iRes-Geo’s proprietary Single-Pass Data Casting technology is the first workflow of its kind that meets this deep data integration criteria. 


More accurate 
calculation of 

Better and Faster 
Hisory Matching

Unparallel Accuracy In The Prediction Of The Remaining Oil Distribution

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