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What are the oil producing countries in africa?

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Oil has been found and is being pumped out of groud in 30 countries in the African continent. This region of the world contribute nearly 10% of the world oil production with less than 4% of the total global reserves.

Before 2010, the output was around nearly 10 million barrels per day. Since 2015, the daily production rate has stablized around 7-8 million barrels per day but dropped significantly in 2020 due to low oil price and Covid-19 global pandemic, now standing at 7.2 mmbbl/day

As the world enters 2021, the future oil production level in Africa remains highly uncertain as of Feburary 2021

Here in this post you can find the top 10 oil producing countries in Africa in 2020

  1. Nigeria
  2. Angola
  3. Algeria
  4. Egypt
  5. Libya