The day rates of iRes-Geo consultants

Project rolesYears of experienceAverage daily rate
Project execution10 years+$650
Project management15 years+$800
Quality control & peer review 20 years +$1000
N.B. The day rates shown in the table above is only for your reference. The exact daily cost will be provided in the project proposal and may vary according to the complexity of the project and the availability of the consultants. The day rates do not apply to 4D seismic services.

Turnaround times of services

Project typesRequired Project ResourcesTurnaround times
Fast turnaround geomodelling & simulation 4 project execution, 1 project manager 3-4 weeks
Joint history matching of the Reservoir Model with seismic and production data2 project execution, 1 project manager 6 weeks
Advanced seismic inversion2 project execution, 1 project manager 5-6 weeks
N.B. The above information is based on the projects we delivered so far. Depending on the scope of work, the complexity of the project and size of the field, the times may vary.

The Software Cost

The software Cost
Proprietary software and open source 40% of the cost of using commercial software
Commercial softwareMore information to be provided in the proposal
N.B. iRes-Geo prioritizes the use of its own proprietary and open-source software for delivering projects which leads to huge cost-saving for our clients. Our software is highly powerful and versatile. For more information, please go to the software page. If it is required, we also adopt commercial software to perform some specific tasks.